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30. Sep, 2021

The Starling of the show...

Do the Starlings hear terrible things in the night?

I'm currently creating a new story that I can't wait to share with you. Like all the best tales it includes things from my real life experiences. Getting to know an author through what they write is part of the best reading adventures and I'd love to find out which pieces of my work you think are based on things that happened to me or my own three kids. So do get in touch.

But the coolest thing about working on "King of the Starlings", my latest story is that at any moment I could look out of the window of my house and see a real life Starling King. Starling King? You might ask, what's that? Let me explain.

In the soon to be published story three youngsters, born in a very different time and place to the one you know, encounter a fantastic snowy white bird. They name it the Starling King and somehow this wonderous creature seems to be trying to tell Elizabeta, Constantin and Dorin something. Like Starlings everywhere, this bird is able to copy and repeat sounds it hears all around it. Something I hear going on up on the rooftops of my own home all the time.

Check it out for yourself. Pay attention to what might seem to be an uninteresting flock of brownish birds and you'll find they are utterly fascinating in what they can do. And you know the best part? We actually have a white starling in our area. Our very own Starling King perches on the TV aerials, quite apart from the others sometimes, as though he is something special.

What is it that the bird in the story is trying to tell our heroes? What does he hear in the forest at night and why does he copy it? Is he making fun? Is it a warning or is he trying to broadcast and repeat a global message to all the children of the Earth?

You'll be able to find out very soon, when you grab your FREE copy of "The Starling King". Keep an eye on my website for updates.

Take care and Keep Searching!