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It’s January, and I’m fed up because my parents hardly notice me.

My sister is too busy on facetime with boys to play any more.

Plus, a stranger appeared at my window last night, and I think I’m going crazy.

His name is Enzo, and he confirmed to me what I always suspected. Christmas is a lie.

But, what he told me, if it’s true, is even more amazing. His computers chose me to join his team of special kids.

This nutty stranger wants to give me advanced tech - to watch me being kind to the people I meet for a whole year. And, it gets even crazier – turns out the microscope I got last December came from him, and he wants me to learn physics and help make the world a better place.

So, the big question is: Do I tell anyone or not? And if I do, would they believe me?

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Imagine: It's late, you hear a sound. Sitting up in bed, you remember that your parents aren't home. Creeping down the hall, you come face-to-face with a nightmare. The monster that lives in the wallpaper has come for you at last. So, do you run or try and protect your sister?

Discovered is a prequel to the Winter Family Saga of :

The Science of Santa Claus

C.O.O.P. (Coming 2020)

Delete the Ancestors (Coming 2021)

Adventure awaits all those who seek the truth!

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