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Arthur MacGregor's Life Changes forever one night in December 1977

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It only takes one night to create a monster...

Imagine: It's late. There's a sound.

Sitting up in bed, you remember that Mum and Dad aren't home.

Somewhere down the hall, lurks a nightmare.

The monster that lives in the wallpaper has come for you at last.

So, do you run or try and protect your sister?

Discovered is a prequel to The Science of Santa Claus, the first audiobook in the incredible saga of the Winter family, designed for older children who love all things sci-fi and anyone who seeks the truth behind a fairy tale!


Listen as one boy's world changes forever...

Enzo with his newest recruits

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At the grand old age of nine Oliver Winter knew that his world was devoid of magic. Tooth Fairies, Easter Bunnys and Father Christmas - all complete nonsense, with no basis in science whatsoever. He'd tried to capture evidence of such phenomena for years and never recorded a thing that couldn't be proved to be a hoax.

As he neared the end of primary school, his big sister and parents seemed to be wrapped up in their own lives and Oliver felt down in the dumps as he navigated an increasingly confusing world.

That is until one January night Enzo, a top agent of the secret Order of Saint Nicholas, paid him a visit and opened his eyes to a hidden world where science can seem like magic.

Recruited by Enzo's organisation to do good deeds all year long, Oliver is soon uncovering incredible truths and making his own and other lives better - by unlocking the hidden potential of children around the globe. But it seems that not all kids have the right stuff.

As spring blooms into summer, Megan, Oliver's sister falls under the spell of a misfit band, who distrust the Order of St. Nick and want to see it exposed and discredited. Their leader, the sinister Arthur MacGregor, warns Megan that her brother and in fact, the world is in grave danger. Only he and his group of 'Santa Stoppers' can turn Enzo's technology against him and save the planet from 'alien' influence. Who is right?

The Winter children are soon pitched against each other, while trying to keep the whole incredible situation a secret from mum and dad. A battle in plain sight rages through the family.

Can Oliver and his new friend Enzo, turn Megan from the dark and prevent a disaster that will change the world forever? Or will the revelation of ancient secrets end everything that we know?

The Science of Santa Claus is book 1 in the Winter Family saga and is now available to enjoy as an audiobook, narrated by the incredible Nathaniel Ascher. Sign up to Audible today and begin your adventure to a very different kind of North Pole!

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About the narrator - Nathaniel Ascher

Nathaniel Ascher is 30 years old and husband to a wonderful wife and father of two boys. His passions include: Audio production, music, writing, singing and performing, and most of all humor. He discovered a passion for reading aloud when he began reading bedtime stories to his children, and found that the enjoyment grew as the stories became more intricate. Voicing characters and adding drama to the narration came naturally to him, and it was only a matter of time before he overheard his wife listening to an Audiobook and realized that he'd found his calling!

Nathaniel brings the Science of Santa Claus to life, with his voice talents creating an amazing world that listeners will get lost in again and again. His love of children's literature shines through in the narration and makes listening to this tale a special experience.

Nathaniel Ascher