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Welcome to the online home of the Winter family from the writing of M G Knight

Here you'll find all the latest news and content updates related to their ongoing saga as told in the first trilogy of books:


The Science of Santa Claus


Delete the Ancestors


If you're a new reader we hope that you're enjoying the ride and that you've arrived here to find out more about the real-life science behind the stories and the real people, places and events that inspire them.

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Latest updates...

Retro Coding - Vic-Tory!!!!

The adventure to build a virtual pet for will on an old old computer continues!

Retro Coding - Grab a parent and get busy on (random access) memory lane!

Join us as we begin an epic series where 13 year old WinterWill codes his own virtual (commodore hosted) pet!

Join us as WinterWill faces an out of this world Lego challenge and learn about the latest in rocket science!

How M G Was Inspired by this Real-Life location - Can A Dragon's Ghosts haunt a castle?

Go behind the scenes and discover how this Norfolk Monastery inspired a key location from the new book COOP!

Final Science of Santa Claus Readalong Video

While I've been working away to take you to other planets next Christmas, we've been publishing videos to be enjoyed alongside Oliver and his family's first adventure. So why not enjoy our 2019 adventures as your read each chapter and leave us a comment to say hi!

July 2019 readalong video...

In July's companion video we discover another real-life location from The Science of Santa Claus, do some astronomy with the Orion Telescope and reveal Enzo's new look! Thanks to Nick Harris for the incredible cover art!

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