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Young Arthur MacGregor is home alone with his older sister, ordered to stay put in bed until his parents arrive home. Woken by bumps in the night and fearing for his sibling he is forced to creep onto the landing to investigate. When the shadowy being that haunts his nightmares seems to become real and hunts the children, he soon discovers that bad dreams are never what they seem...



Can a budding young scientist protect the ancient secrets of a saint whilst saving his family from a terrible hidden danger?

Oliver Winter has the January blues. His sister hates him, his parents are always at work and his keen mind sees through every fairy tale he was ever told.


But one night, a mysterious stranger taps at his bedroom window and blows his world apart.


Recruited by Enzo, a top agent of the mysterious Order of St. Nicholas, Oliver solemnly promises to do good all year round.


It seems though that not all children have the right stuff. When older sister Megan falls under the spell of the sinister Arthur MacGregor, sworn to discredit and destroy The Order, the entire Winter family are drawn into a perilous adventure.


If Oliver and Enzo can’t stop MacGregor’s misfit band, a disturbing twisting of technology threatens to shatter the world.


The Science of Santa Claus is the first book in the incredible saga of the Winter Family. If you know a curious youngster who loves real-world science, cool technology and want to inspire family fun and further learning, then get on board.


Gift this heart-warming book that they’ll come back to again and again throughout the year!

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Another normal day during a Winter family Christmas...


10 year-old, Oliver Winter always thought that the period between Christmas and new year could be a peculiar time. The excitement over, he normally found himself getting sick of chocolate and bored with too much TV.


But not this year.


The Order of Saint Nicholas are back to take the Winter family on another incredible adventure, packed with deadly online gaming, interstellar travel, space bending footballs and ultimately heartbreak for the man that started it all.


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